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An Interview with Globetrotting Automotive and Lifestyle Photographer Patrick Curtet |

French photographer Patrick Curtet has been around the world and back again. He’s traveled to exotic locales and photographed some of the most beautiful cars in existence, but that solo-gallivanting lifestyle was only the beginning of what has grown to be a wildly successful photographic career. Curtet, having conquered much of the European market, recently moved to Los Angeles with his family. He hit the ground running as soon as he got here, landing high profile shoots with some of the bigges

Fast Travel Through the Week: September 29th Edition

Each week, Fast Travel helps you get caught up on everything going on in the gaming industry. We start by highlighting a few of the week’s biggest news pieces. Then it’s on to a dollop of indie news (so you can feel cultured and well-informed about something outside of the mainstream). Followed by a big helping of “The Best Thing on the Internet, This Week.” And finally, we gather up all the week’s headlines and mix them into a TL;DR pie.

Valve Diving Back Into China With CS:GO Release

CS:GO has long been a powerhouse in the esports sphere, but strict Chinese censorship laws have kept the game from the world’s most populous country for years. Of course, there have been ways for Chinese gamers to get their hands on the game, but its never had dedicated Chinese support or servers like it does now. The game is releasing as technically free when you sign up for a CS:GO account through Perfect World, but there is a catch...

Campaign Spotlight: Nathan Smith’s Robotics

Nathan Smith was asked to produce a series of visual works for a large UK organisation earlier this year. The brief was to create a robot that was both intelligent and inquisitive, and who would elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Staying true to the brief, Nathan used a limited and subtle color palette made up of mostly of whites and grays. He managed to create an image that felt edgy and cool, while remaining non-threatening, even with...

World Illustration Awards 2017 Exhibition

The World Illustration Awards 2017 Exhibition is now open to the public! This week the WIA returns to London’s Somerset House for a sixth year. The exhibition will display highlights from this year’s shortlist, comprised of both emerging and established talent. With over 2,300 entries from 64 countries and eight categories of competition, this year’s exhibition features one of the most diverse collections of arts the WIA has ever seen...

Ubisoft Looking Grim As Vivendi Takes Over Brother Company Gameloft

Vivendi just landed a huge blow in their ongoing battle with the Guillemot brothers. Yves Guillemot and his brothers founded Ubisoft nearly three decades ago. In 1999, Michel Guillemot branched out and founded the mobile-centric Gameloft. Ever since then, Yves has been the face and CEO of Ubisoft and Michel the face and CEO of Gameloft until recently, that is. Now, Vivendi is looking to take the Guillemot brothers out of the equation completely.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, and Plenty of Games

Microsoft dove head first into their E3 press conference. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted we got our first official look at the Xbox One S. The new console is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, it’s white, it comes with up to 2 TB of storage, it plays 4k video and best of all, it’s only $299 and will be available in August. Alongside the updated system is also a new white Xbox controller boasting extended range and extra grip.

15 Former NBA Stars With Shocking Net Worths

The NBA is an incredibly lucrative business. Players are paid huge sums of money just to put a ball in a hoop. Current NBA stars are routinely getting nine digit contracts thanks to new TV deals and the massive revenue streams they bring to teams. While some players are smart about it all, a lot of them just don’t know what to do with that kind of money. Plenty of former players have gone bankrupt thanks to mooching “friends” and family, poor investments and, in some cases, just bad luck.

Voice Actor Mistreatment May Lead To Investigation Of The Gaming Industry

Being a voice actor might sound like a nice and easy job, but that certainly isn’t the case when it comes to video games. From constant screams to endless retakes, the work can be long and arduous, with fewer benefits than you might expect. That’s why the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) recently asked occupational health and safety regulators in California to investigate the supposed mistreatment of voice actors inside the gaming industry.
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